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Carl Pavano grew up a Yankee fan

Who's the boss?
Let's all take a moment to thank our lucky stars. Otherwise, we'd be saddled with this stiff (elbow). He's going under the knife again on Thursday--this time to have bone chips removed from his right elbow. He vows to pitch again at some point this season.

4 years, $40 million. Is it any wonder the Yankees brought Brian Cashman back? It's like the guy has a crystal ball or something.

You have to give Pavano his props, though. Not only for netting us Pedro Martinez and getting over on the Yankees, but for Alyssa Milano! I mean, come on, right? For a while there the guy was at the top of his game--both on the field and in the sack. But after that 4-6 campaign (4.77 ERA), you'd have to wonder whether he'd be able to coax Carnie Wilson out to dinner.

Yes, we lucked out not winning the Carl Pavano sweepstakes. The Yankees are just lucky they have Jaret Wright there to pick up his slack.