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Holy defense, Batman!

Don't look now, but the Boston Red Sox have a MLB-best .991 fielding percentage and haven't committed an error since May 7. The Sox, in total, have committed only 12 errors in over 1,400 chances. If defense wins championships, I'm one happy camper.

Leading the pack is, not surprisingly, first-year first baseman Kevin Youkilis. Youkilis has been a stud at first base, picking balls in the dirt with ease and making it seem he's played the position his whole career. In 282 total chances Youkilis has committed zero errors, making him one of only six (R. Sexson, C. Shelton, M. Teixeira, T. Lee, and D. Johnson) MLB first basemen who have yet to make an error.

One day, a long, long time ago, Manny Ramirez wanted a silver glove award. Well, to one up him, he's on pace for a Gold Glove. In 70 total chances, Ramirez has yet to make an error while roaming left field for the Sox. Can Manny keep it up? It's doubtful, but he's done a great job the first quarter of the season.

Here's the most amazing stat, however: no Red Sox outfielders have made an error this season. In 268 total chances, not one outfielder has made a bonehead play out there. Not Manny, not Wily Mo, Trot, or Willie Harris. To me, that's the best stat of them all. It would be amazing - and unbelievable - if they could keep this up for the rest of the season.

As for the infield, it's not spotless, but it's been very good. Second baseman Mark Loretta has committed two errors in 150 chances, giving him a .987 fielding percentage. Third baseman Mike Lowell has made three (reportedly because he was trying to make perfect throws to Youkilis), resulting in a .971 fielding percentage.

Shortstop Alex Gonzalez has been just as good, if not better, than advertised when we gave him a contract this off-season. Gonzalez has made just one error in 123 total chances and has made dazzling plays in between. Despite the batting average that loves to flirt around the Mendoza Line, the defense makes up for it in my opinion.

If the defense can keep pace, this will, for certain, be one of the best defensive teams in the history of the Red Sox and baseball. No one knows for sure, but the Red Sox could possibly have a Gold Glover in 2006 - or maybe two, or three, or four.