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Catching up with Old Friends

It's May 16, about a month and a half into the 2006 season. Curious as to how former Sox players are doing? Here's an update on members of the 2005 roster.

3B - Bill Mueller - Los Angeles Dodgers
2006: AVG .252 | HR 3 | RBI 15 | OBP .357 | SLG .402
Mueller is listed first because he is, and always will be, my favorite player. Mueller came out blazing to the season, but was put on the disabled list recently because of his knee, a problem he's had since his days with the San Francisco Giants. Mueller will miss the next four to five weeks after arthroscopic surgery. I'm hoping Mueller will rebound and be an everyday fixture at third base for the Dodgers once he's healthy enough to take the field.

1B - Kevin Millar - Baltimore Orioles
2006: AVG .220 | HR 2 | RBI 12 | OBP .314 | SLG .341
With a quick glance at Millar's numbers for the O's this season, it's easy to tell he hasn't improved over last year. He's only had 91 at-bats for the O's, but I wouldn't expect his numbers to improve with more at-bats. Maybe a trip to Japan will be in the works for Millar? Naaaaah.

SS - Edgar Renteria - Atlanta Braves
2006: AVG .333 | HR 2 | RBI 15 | OBP .397 | SLG .447
Yeah, he's pretty much killing. Renteria is a reliable hitter in the two-hole for the Braves, and sets up the big hitters well. His defense hasn't been too bad either. For more, just check the article below.

CF - Johnny Damon - New York Yankees
2006: AVG .281 | HR 4 | RBI 20 | OBP .359 | SLG .432
Here's all you need to know about Damon: in 16 at-bats against the Red Sox, Damon has one hit. One.

INF - Mark Bellhorn - San Diego Padres
2006: AVG .222 | HR 2 | RBI 11 | OBP .300 | SLG .413
I list Bellhorn as an "INF" and not a "2B" because he's actually seen more time at first base (6 games) for the Padres than second base (3). Actually, Bellhorn has seen more time at third base (4), also. But for the majority of the season Bellhorn has been a pinch-hitter. He's done that 16 times this season. One thing I notice is that Bellhorn's on-base percentage isn't spectacular. I don't think he's lost his plate vision or anything, I just think he's pressing as a pinch hitter. So instead of trying to work a walk, he tries to earn the hit.

2B - Tony Graffanino - Kansas City Royals
2006: AVG .262 | HR 2 | RBI 9 | OBP .342 | SLG .415
Only 65 at-bats for "El Nino," as he's been used as a utility man since re-joining the Royals. It's sad to see Graffanino struggle so much after such a great half-season with the Red Sox, but as the overused saying goes, that's how the cookie crumbles. Graffanino is getting up there in age (33), so his best days are probably behind him.

OF - Jay Payton - Oakland Athletics
2006: AVG .232 | HR 1 | RBI 6 | OBP .256 | SLG .313
Yeah, that's what you get for being such a pain, Payton.

1B - Roberto Petagine - Seattle Mariners
2006: AVG .267 | HR 1 | RBI 2 | OBP .421 | SLG .533
Ya' know, I told Theo to trade Petagine to the Mariners, but he just didn't listen. So when he became available, they jumped and snatched him up. We could have had something for him, surely. But so far Petagine hasn't been anything special. That's his line in 15 at-bats, the majority of it as a pinch-hitter.

SS - Hanley Ramirez - Florida Marlins
2006: AVG .333 | HR 2 | RBI 16 | OBP .394 | SLG .480
I honestly have no idea how Ramirez is having such a good season. He's always had the tools to be a good player, but he hit .271 in double-A Portland last year! That's it! And now he's hitting .333 as an every day player? What's wrong with this picture? I don't expect him to keep it up, but he's shaping up to be a solid big-leaguer.

SP - Bronson Arroyo - Cincinnati Reds
2006: REC 5-1 | SV 0 | ERA 2.03 | WHIP 1.01
Trust me when I say this, folks: Arroyo would not have the same numbers in Boston if we didn't trade him. Arroyo is doing so well because A) it's a change of atmosphere and B) he's in the National League. It also helps that the Reds themselves are over-achieving. But honestly, if he was still with the Sox, his ERA would be above four and his WHIP would be around 1.30.

RP - Mike Myers - New York Yankees
2006: REC 0-0 | SV 0 | ERA 1.04 | WHIP 1.04
Pretty good numbers for Myers, but the Yankees will find out that if Myers can't pitch to right-handed batters and their bullpen starts to deplete, Myers might not be the best option. I root for success for Myers - but not against the Sox, and not against David Ortiz.

RP - Chad Bradford - New York Mets
2006: REC 2-2 | SV 0 | ERA 4.61 | WHIP 1.46
Bradford isn't having the luck that his former LOOGY mate Myers is having on the other side of New York. Bradford has seen some struggles this season, but his numbers should only get better as the season goes on. His 15 strikeouts in 13.2 innings pitched bodes well for him.