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Slip by on the hair on our chinny chin chins

I'm torn. Should we have won last night's 5-3 win over the Yankees, or should we really have lost the game because of all the runners we left on base?

Doesn't matter, because we did win. We left 15 men on base last night, but we got the hits when we really needed them. This game probably should have been 15-3, but a 5-3 victory over the Yankees is just as good.

Here is the win probability graph for last night's game:


As you can see -- and as you saw -- it was the Yankees game last night until Alex Gonzalez started to sway it the Sox's way with a double in the sixth inning.

The man to thank for last night's victory, though, is Mark Loretta. Loretta went 4-for-6, knocked in three runs and scored one. His WPA (Win Probability Added) was 51.0 percent, the best by any player last night. Wily Mo Pena (10.7) and Gonzalez (9.2) were second and third on the WPA list, respectively.

For pitchers, Jonathan Papelbon's WPA of 21.8 percent topped the list, followed by Mike Timlin (11.3).

The "biggest suckfest"? David Ortiz (-20.9) and Mike Lowell (-20.3) had the worst WPAs last night. For pitchers, Tim Wakefield's -2.5 percent was the only negative for any Sox pitcher.

OK, no more stats. Taking two of three from the Yankees was really nice, but like arg0 said in the diaries, we need to keep it going.

With the Yankees losing Hideki Matsui last night and other question marks on the roster, we need to heat up and take over the AL East for good. And it will need to start tonight with the Texas Rangers. They've given us problems before, but if we sweep then we are in a great position.