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Inside the Numbers: 5/11

A quick look inside the numbers of the Boston Red Sox:


.300+ hitters: 5
Mike Lowell (.336)
Wily Mo Pena (.320)
Manny Ramirez (.319)
Trot Nixon (.310)
Kevin Youkilis (.306)

.400+ on-base percentage: 3
Ramirez (.455)
Nixon (.435)
Youkilis (.415)

.900+ on-base plus slugging: 3
David Ortiz (.994)
Ramirez (.977)
Lowell (.965)

Looking at the stats, I think it's obvious who the three best hitters have been on this team. Ramirez, Lowell and Ortiz. I didn't list all the stats, just the standard averages. Manny has come back from a slow start, Lowell has been hot the whole season, and Ortiz is in a slump.


Sub 4.00 ERA: 5
Jonathan Papelbon (0.47)
Mike Timlin (1.32)
Curt Schilling (3.76)
Keith Foulke (3.80)
Tim Wakefield (3.97)

Sub 1.30 WHIP: 5
Papelbon (0.68)
Foulke (0.89)
Schilling (1.08)
Josh Beckett (1.23)
Wakefield (1.26)

6.00+ K/9:
Rudy Seanez (10.95)
Schilling (8.54)
Papelbon (8.05)
Foulke (7.17)
Clement (6.37)
Beckett (6.14)

Papelbon, for sure, is the staff's best pitcher. He has a low ERA, WHIP and he's consistently striking people out when he comes to close out games. Beckett's K/9 has dropped a lot since the past few years, but he's doing a good job of just getting outs. I think his K/9 will rise as we go through the season, which will only help all his stats. And despite Seanez's horrible ERA, his K/9 is still dominant -- maybe more innings will help Seanez.