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Breaking News: Red Sox Re-Aquire Doug Mirabelli

Elsa/Getty Images

No folks, this is not some May Fools Day joke, the deal is indeed confirmed by ESPN. The Red Sox sent Josh Bard, Cla Meredith, and cash to San Diego to get Mirabelli back.

While many fans have been crying foul since Doug left town, especially with Loretta starting slowly, I'm sad to see the Sox give up on Bard so soon, despite his 10 passed balls. I'm also dissapointed that Cla Meredith is out of the system. Apparently, Mirabelli was such a difference maker to Wakefield, and our current surplus of quality relief arms made the deal possible.

Dougie M. will be behind the plate tonight at Fenway to catch Tim Wakefield, and just may get a bigger ovation than Johnny Damon.

The ESPN story is here