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Opening Series Review

Meatloaf was on to something....

"Two outta three ain't bad" ?? Against Texas on the road to open the season? No. It's GREAT.

Offensively, The Sox are off to a good start. There have been good at bats by pretty much everyone, and we've been able to get the hits when we needed them. Our top 3 hitters have gotten off to a great start, and Varitek mashing now as well. Manny, Youk, and Lowell have been slower to get going.

Defense has been solid, highlighed by Manny's play tonight, and Coco's catch on Monday.

Pitching-wise, It's a mixed bag. Our mop-up guys have been less than spectacular, with Timlin's debut being shaky. On the other hand, Beckett, Papelbon, and Schilling have been simply, GREAT.

After an off-day tomorrow, The Sox will head to Baltimore where Matt Clement will make his 2006 debut. He's been good in Baltimore, and we'll need him to be good for us this year. Schilling and Wake will follow.

We're off to a good start Sox fans. When you can win games when your offense has an off night, you'll go far. Overall, a nice opening set of games on the road.