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The Outfield: We know two, but who else?

I've read some anti-Willie Harris comments here at Over The Monster, and I feel like I have to stick up for the little guy (figuratively and literally). But also I'm going to talk about our outfield and what our options are.

First, we know the mainstays of the outfield: Manny "I will win a Gold Glove" Ramirez and Trot "Wall? What wal--WHAM!" Nixon. With the injury to Coco Crisp, the rest of the outfield is just a giant question mark.

Adam Stern

Stern has been coined "The Canadian Babe Ruth." But, through my research, that is a lie. For two reasons: one is because Stern is the size of a twig, and two is -- after loads and loads of research over the past 72 hours -- Babe Ruth is actually Canadian. Born and raised, pure maple syrup-lovin' Canadian.

OK, that last part is a lie. Be sure to check the tabloids tomorrow morning for the following headline, however: "Ruth shocks world! HR King from Canada!"

Back to Stern. I like what he brings to the table with his speed, solid defense and strong arm, but I'd much rather see him in Pawtucket playing every day. That way he can see about 100 times more pitches in a week than if he was on the Red Sox. If he were in Boston, he'd get in situations late in the game for his defense and speed. That's about it. I think he should develop his skills, and then see what room we have for him later in the season.

Willie Harris
Harris is a lot like Stern except in a few areas. Both are fast and play good defense, but Stern has the outfield-arm and Harris has the MLB experience. Harris might not get any better, but Stern still has time to grow.

So if it's a choice to see who's in the Pawtucket -- Harris or Stern -- I pick Stern, because Harris will essentially do the same job and it gives Stern a chance to grow as a player.

Give Harris some time, everybody. I like him -- not sure why really, he's only played a couple of games -- but he very well could turn out to be the next Dave Roberts ... or not.

Wily Mo Pena
Everyone is jumping on Pena's back, probably because he was the reason Brons Arroyo was riding the train to Cincy, but everyone really needs to just let the guy learn to hit.

And him learning to hit will take time, but it already looks like it's starting to work. A .259/.375 line isn't great, but for a guy notorious for swinging and missing -- at everything -- that's damn good. Once everything comes together for him, he'll be a force to reckon with behind Manny and David Ortiz. Maybe not this season, but I think it'll happen.

Dustan Mohr
Call him Dustan "Don't spell my name with an 'I' like Randy did for a couple of weeks" Mohr. Mohr is another outfielder that I like. He's really good defensively and he swings the bat with authority. He seems to be a real smart player out there and can play the bounces like the veteran he is. On most teams he'd be a starter, or 4th outfielder at worst, and having him as a 5th or 6th option is pretty nice. I'd like to see Mohr get some more at-bats. He has 26 right now, with five hits, but two of those five hits are home runs. Give him 200 at-bats and he could be extremely potent off the bench.