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Sweeeet Loretta!

Sweeeeeet Loooooretta ... bum bum bum! Good times never seemed so good ...

The game got ugly (Carl Everett's home run), and then when you thought it brightened up (RBI single to tie the game), it just got uglier (run in the top of the 9th).

The funny thing is, I bet there is a lot of people that thought the Sox wouldn't be able to pull it out with two outs in the ninth.

It's OK to admit; we don't have the best offense in the league. We definitely have some strong bats in the lineup, but this isn't the 2003 offense. There is no denying that.

But there was a little magic in Fenway yesterday.

Kevin Youkilis beat out a throw with hustle and determination. He legged it out like any true player would. He didn't hit the ball and just start jogging down to first. That man has never run faster at any point in his life. I hope he gets a huge "YOOOOOUK!" tonight in his first at-bat, because he deserves it.

Then Mark Loretta came to the plate. Like the hitter that he is, he waited for his pitch. Not the first thing that came across the plate. And when that pitch came -- and it certainly did come; right down the middle to be exact -- he deposited it into the Monster Seats for, probably, his greatest baseball moment ever.

His greatest baseball moment ever.

And it's only April. Get ready for a fun career as a Boston Red Sox, Mr. Loretta.