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Who's Been Better?

Josh Beckett earned his third win of the season against a pesky Seattle Mariners lineup the other day that wouldn't quit. And thanks to a couple of bonehead plays (Wily Mo-ments), they scored a couple of runs and competed with the Sox.

But once again, Jonathan Papelbon came into the game to start the 9th and shut the door on any hopes of a comeback.

The pitching has been pretty good this season -- no denying that. But who's been better? Curt Schilling or Beckett?

                W       L       QS      IP      H       ER      HR      BB      SO      WHIP    ERA
Beckett         3       0       3       21.0    16      3       0       6       12      1.05    1.29
Schilling       3       0       3       22.0    11      4       2       3       16      0.64    1.64
Very similar numbers, but what sticks out to me is the hits, walks, and strikeouts. Obviously both sets of numbers are something every pitcher wants, but when we compare Schilling and Beckett, Schilling has the more desirable stats.

Schilling has allowed only 11 hits off of him through 3 starts this season. That's less than four hits every outing. Beckett has allowed 16 hits, about 5 hits per game. Not a big difference, but a difference.

Walks is another stat that sticks out in my mind. Schilling has been stellar with his control so far, only allowing three free passes to date. Beckett has allowed six, but those have only really come when he's been fatigued or early in the first two games when he struggled.

The WHIP (Walks, Hits per innings pitched) sums up what I've been talking about. Schilling's WHIP is 0.64, while Beckett's is 1.05. Let me say once again that both WHIPs are very good -- both everything is very good -- Schilling has just been a little bit better.

I just checked MLB stats at ESPN and I had to take a screen shot of this. I just love it:

I think I'm going to shed a tear right now because I'm so happy...