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Wake is Strong, but not Strong Enough ... Wells = DL

Here's an interesting line:

Boston                IP     H    R    ER   BB   SO   HR   ERA
Wakefield (L, 1-2) 9.0 9 3 2 0 6 0 4.34

A great line by Tim Wakefield last night, but despite pitching nine innings of no-walk ball, he gets the loss thanks to a bad inning and lost offense. This, in most cases, is a win for Wakefield, but five hits on the game won't get it done in most cases, either.

A total of 20 men were left on base last night. Adam Stern, Alex Gonzalez and Alex Cora (who was hitting in the two-hole for some reason) both left five men on.

The offense had one bright spot, and that was Wily Mo Pena who went 2-for-4 in the seven spot. Pena is surprising some people after his at-bats in Boston, and I don't think it will be long before Pena is a fixture in the Boston lineup.

Manny Ramirez is still struggling. Manny is hitting .205 -- a whole 11 points lower than Alex Gonzalez who hits ninth in the lineup. It's not like Manny is hitting the ball and it's turning into outs. He's striking out with regularity: 15 K's in 39 at-bats.

Like Arg0 reported in the diaries, David Wells is back on the disabled list. Boo-hoo, Mr. Wells. Why don't you just retire now? (Sorry -- still feeling hatred after Wednesday night).

In his place comes Jermaine Van Buren -- 2005 Minor League (Relief?) Pitcher of the Year. It's going to be interesting to see how he performs in the atmosphere of Boston.