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Red Sox Notes for 4/12/06

Notes from my trip down to the Fens yesterday (pictures at a later point):

  • We got there early, walked around Boston, took the T, and had a good time at Boston Beer Works. If you want to eat a whole chicken inside of bread, go to Beer Works. Good food.
  • We were outside the park when the players were driving in. The first guy we saw was none other than David Ortiz. He strolled in with his H2 (pics to come) and he and his posse popped out. It's white, with his signature on the side. Can't miss -- really, you can't.

    There was a woman who could only say five words after Ortiz arrived: "Papi! That's a bad ride!" That's all she said. Everything. And she yelled it in my ear on numerous occassions.

    That's a bad ride, Papi!

  • We saw Coco Crisp pop his bald head out of the gate. Didn't see his car, but we saw him and he acknowledged the onlookers.

    And then Keith Foulke just walked out of no where from the street. Wearing a Bruins hat and casual clothes, he just walked right into the building after talking to a guy for a few minutes. He seemed pretty happy. Kind of weird how he just came out of nowhere, though...

    Luis Tiant pulled up in his Ford Expedition. Tiant got a nice little ovation from the crowd. And Blue Jays' GM JP Riccardi arrived with his own posse. I think I was the only person to recognize him...

    Chris Berman flew by on a four-wheeler/cart type thing. Man, he's losing his hair...

    And Kevin Youkilis showed up in a sausage cart.

  • We finally got into the park about 10 minutes after it was suppose to open. We found our seats (about 15 rows back from Pesky's Pole) and it was 'comfy' like Fenway always is.
  • Here's the best part: I met Johnny Pesky. He was sitting right in front of my brother signing autographs for a REAL long line of people. I just waited behind him, and when he got up to leave (security was making him leave), I asked to shake his hand and he agreed.

    My brother will probably tell you that getting his autograph is better, but I shook the hand of a Red Sox legend. I don't think it gets much better than that.

  • (Most of) the fans love Wily Mo Pena. There are a select few who probably are still mad that Bronson Arroyo is gone, but I'd say Pena got the 4th best crowd pop of the night. Number one going to Jason Varitek, two to Ortiz, three to Manny, and then Pena.

    But if we're talking biggest REACTION, then he'd probably get around sixth. First would be the booing of David Wells (it wasn't 'Boomer,' David), and second would have been when the drunk guy ran out and congratulated Pena for his home run. Then list the player cheers off for 4-6.

  • Ortiz's home run landed about 10 rows in front of our seats. And when that happened, the place obviously went nuts.

    I didn't make the catch for Ortiz's ball, but I did make a great snag when I called for popcorn.

    Just thought you'd like to know that.

What else is there to say about Wednesday night? It was Fenway. Drunk people, an extremely long rendition of "Sweet Caroline," legends all around the ballpark, Fenway Franks, and the nostalgia.

I love it.