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Sox win Home Opener

Guess what I heard on SportsCenter this morning after the Yankees/Royals highlight from last night:

"Mariano Rivera isn't as lights out as Jonathan Papelbon, but he was still good."

Yeah, that's right. Papelbon isn't being compared to Rivera, Rivera is being compared to Papelbon. Papelbon pitched a perfect ninth inning, striking out one and earning his fourth save of the season.

Josh Beckett got the nod at home and his intensity carried him through the game. After a rough first inning resulting in walking in a run, Beckett calmed down and went seven strong innings and left the game with a nice lead.

Mike Lowell decided to heat up his bat when he arrived in Boston. Good thing, too. Lowell went 4-for-4 with three doubles and an RBI on the day. David Ortiz also hit a home run late in the game to give the Sox their fifth run of the game.

I will be gone all day today. Where will I be? In Boston of course. I've got tickets to tonight's Sox game. Lucky me, I get to see Mr. David Wells on the hill tonight.