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Wake's Strong, Broken Crisps, Ortiz Extension

Like all the OTM readers said to me after Wake's weak performance in his first game, 'you can't judge a pitcher by one start.'

And everybody was right. Tim Wakefield looked really good yesterday in a 4-1 win over the Orioles that resulted in sweeping the series. Wakefield went six innings, struck out four, walked two and allowed only one run (unearned) on five hits. But here's the key stat: no passed balls by Josh Bard while he was catching Wakefield. As Don Orsillo would say, "'nifty,' huh?"

With Coco Crisp on the bench (more on that later), Adam Stern got the start in center field and at the lead off spot in the lineup. He took full advantage of his opportunity, going 2-for-5 with two RBI.

Other notable performances include David Ortiz's 2-for-5 day, and JT Snow going 2-for-3 with a walk. Those were the first two hits for Snow as a Boston Red Sox.

With the win, the Red Sox started the season with a 5-1 record, their best start since 1999. They're off today, but Tuesday will be the Fenway Park home opener with Josh Beckett on the mound.

The Sox said Coco Crisp's hurt finger wasn't serious, but that story may have changed:

While a Red Sox doctor was on the trip, the team didn't offer information on whether Crisp was X-rayed during yesterday's game. A team spokesman said last night Crisp would be evaluated by the medical staff today, and the spokesman would not confirm or deny a Channel 7 report that Crisp had a broken knuckle and might be lost for up to a month.

A month would be devistating. The only positive coming from Crisp on the disabled list would be that Adam Stern and Wily Mo Pena would see more at-bats in his place. But I think I speak for all of Red Sox Nation when I say that I don't want Crisp on the DL.

It was reported on Over The Monster last week or so that Ortiz had signed a contract extension. It was the nixed by Mr. Papi himself. Now, according to the Boston Herald, the deal could be announced today:

Chances appear high that the Red Sox and designated hitter David Ortiz will announce a contract extension as soon as today.

Both sides are keeping extremely quiet, but multiple baseball sources indicated last night that a deal was near for the Red Sox slugger. The contract is believed to be for four years, through the 2010 season and worth in excess of $12 million a season.

Another four years of Big Papi would be a nice thing for Red Sox Nation. I see no reason -- none in the whole wide freakin' world -- that the Sox wouldn't resign Mr. Ortizzle.