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Link Dump, 3/30/06: Arroyo's Stingy

  • I guess we didn't know the guy could pitch. Bronson Arroyo shut down the Sox for seven innings, while Wily Mo Pena went 0-for-3 on the day. Sadly, this was probably Arroyo's best start ever in the bigs (haven't checked the numbers, so don't call me on that -- unless you really want to).
  • Unless there is an appeal, we'll be missing our crazy--yet lovable--middle reliever for a span of ten days. I assume we'll give Lenny DiNardo a few more innings than expected in those ten days. Speaking of Lenny, check out this blog devoted to our long-man.
  • Manny is a stud in left field. Never thought I'd say that. According to a couple of reports, Manny has been working hard on his defense this spring. It'd be nice if we didn't see any more unnecessary slides in the outfield.
  • Bill James, who was kind enough to talk with me here at OTM, was profiled in the Boston Globe today. Get to know the background of the man who seems to be the right-hand man of the Sox front office. Here's the original e-mail from John Henry to James.
  • The Herald notes the Sox's 9-17 (9-18 thanks to Arroyo) record this spring training. That's bad, but he also notes Chicago's (8-19) and Houston's (9-18) who made it to the Series last year. Nothing impressive.
  • Krueger. Ha!
  • A few days old, but interesting predictions. Damn those, Cubbies.