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Julian Tavarez Wins by TKO

We know about Julian Taverez's past. And we were all hoping he could go through his career as a Boston Red Sox and not have an 'incident.' Well, sorry. That ain't happenin'.

After Joey Gathright slide into home and apparently spiked Tavarez while he covered the plate, Tavarez swung and landed a shot right on the chin of Gathright.

Tavarez then connected with a punch, and players rushed the field. Jonathan Papelbon came running out from the bullpen, and he and Papa Jack pulled Gathright out of the scrum.

Devil Rays outfielder Carl Crawford and Gathright were gesturing toward the Sox dugout, but there were no other incidents (though we believe Tavarez was yelling from the dugout).

In the bottom of the eighth, newly acquired Red Sox first baseman Hee-Seop Choi was plunked by Rays pitcher Wayne Franklin, and the umps warned both sides.

And winnah ... by TKO ... Julian Tavarez!