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Interview: Will Carroll

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Will Carroll, Baseball Prospectus writer and author of "The Juice: The Real Story of Baseball's Drug Problems", recently published the Team Health Report (subscription required) for the Boston Red Sox. Will was generous enough to answer some of my questions following the release of the article.

Over The Monster: With Bronson Arroyo traded, how do you feel about the Red Sox rotation in general? Schilling, Beckett, Wells, and Clement have seen DL time, while Arroyo never saw any last season. Does this make the rotation weaker because the Sox traded a reliable, injury-free starter, and are relying on question marks in Schilling, Beckett, etc?

Will Carroll: Besides the obvious depth in the now, the Sox have depth in the near. Papelbon, Lester, etc are close and this clears some space for them aside from getting a good young player in Pena. I think they dealt from strength. Your premise is valid, but at some point, you can have too many starters.

OTM: You mentioned Dustin Pedroia's wrist injury, citing him as a high-yellow. Does it change to red after his shoulder problem he's had since the first spring training game? He just got back to swinging yesterday.

Carroll: He's still high yellow. The shoulder seems to have been a traumatic problem that will clear up without problem, but I keep thinking back to Austin Kearns. PECOTA loves Pedroia.

OTM: With the addition of Wily Mo Pena, have the Sox made a solid effort to give Trot Nixon a capable backup in case of another trip to the DL? How does Pena stack-up, health-wise?

Carroll: Pena's never had problems but hasn't been severely tested either. I think he'll get plenty of play between Manny and Trot, plus the Sox have a year to figure out if Pena's the replacement for Trot. Great move.

OTM: Keith Foulke is a huge question mark going into the season, but has pitched two innings recently without giving up a hit. Do you think Foulke will continue to get injections into his knees if they begin to effect him again?

Carroll: Synvisc has been very effective for a number of pitchers, including Randy Johnson. Foulke's responded well, but its very very early and those knees weren't his only problem. The Sox need him to be good for at least the first half, to help Hansen adjust.