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More on Hee-Seop Choi, Mike Lowell

Chris Snow's Red Sox Notebook:

Choi does have an option remaining, meaning he can be sent to Triple A Pawtucket without having to pass through waivers. General manager Theo Epstein said that is where Choi will begin the season, "barring another move." Another way of putting that: Choi will begin the year in the minors, unless J.T. Snow or Kevin Youkilis is dealt.

Choi will begin the year in the minors unless Snow, Youkilis OR Mike Lowell is dealt. I don't expect Youkilis to be traded, and if the Sox want to get rid of Snow they'd probably just cut him. So that leaves Lowell.

Lowell is struggling this spring training, but I do like him. I've seen him only in a few games because NESN decided to deprive me of Sox games, but I don't think we should trade him before seeing him in-action during the regular season. When games count. If we do trade Lowell, then we'd have to eat a lot of his contract just to get him off of our hands. If we eat that money, add that to the money we ate for Edgar Renteria, Bronson Arroyo, etc. It adds up to a lot.

The Sox take on Toronto today at 1 p.m. in Fort Myers. Catch it all on NESN.