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Waiver Pickup: Hee-Seop Choi Joins Red Sox

From Rotoworld:

According to ESPNews, the Red Sox have claimed Hee-Seop Choi off waivers from the Dodgers.

It was bound to happen one of these years. Rather than carry Choi initially, the Red Sox will probably option him to Triple-A and wait and see what kind of starts Kevin Youkilis and J.T. Snow get off to. It'll be the same deal as with Roberto Petagine last year, though we hope Terry Francona is a little more open-minded about letting Choi into the lineup. By June or July, maybe the 27-year-old will get a chance to take aim at the Pesky Pole. Since he's making just $750,000, it's a great roll of the dice for the Red Sox.

That pretty much says it all. Insurance is the name of the game. We'll see what happens.