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Sox Lose With Two Hits, DiNardo Pitches Great

Another spring training game, another loss. The Red Sox dueled with the O's, but couldn't prevail in a 2-0 loss.

Lenny DiNardo started for the Sox and dominated the O's lineup. He went four innings, gave up four hits, walked none, and struck out one. DiNardo is telling everyone with this outing, "I've been doing this for years, and now I get a regular job?" Odds are DiNardo will until David Wells gets off the disabled list April 12 to start. Then it looks like when Adam Stern's time is up, DiNardo will come back up to the team.

Julian Taverez, David Riske, and Craig Hansen pitched well in relief for DiNardo. They combined for four innings and allowed just two hits. Tavarez pitched two innings and allowed one hit. Riske allowed no hits, walks or runs.

The 0-0 tie was broken in the 9th when Barry Hertzler dished out a two-run homer to soon-to-be-traded Luis Matos. Other than that one mistake, the Red Sox pitching looked to be in top-notch form.

Sadly, the offense was not. Mike Lowell and Jeff Bailey were the only Sox players to earn a hit. The offense did earn five walks, however. Lowell, David Ortiz and Wily Mo Pena are notables that had walks.