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More Thinking on Juan-Gone

We have Manny Ramirez, Coco Crisp, and Trot Nixon as our starting outfielders. Then we have Adam Stern and Dustan Mohr as backups. Now we just signed Juan Gonzalez, and are eyeing Reds' outfielder Wily Mo Pena.

We're going to make a trade.

I think it's pretty inevitable. Why have that much major-league caliber depth on the team if you aren't going to ship someone away?

We know Ramirez, Crisp and Nixon aren't going anywhere. Stern isn't moving, either, unless we get one helluva offer for him. Gonzalez is a no-risk signing and is willing to play in Pawtucket (according to the Herald). Mohr, however, seems to be the odd-man out.

Mohr is smashing the ball right now. According to, Mohr is second this spring in runs created (9.7, behind Crisp), and is hitting .385 with a .484 on-base percentage. He's thought to be a platooner with Nixon, but his history against lefties isn't great enough for me to be ecstatic about his job with the team (.261 BA, .345 OBP in 345 ABs between 2003-2005). To top it off, the Phillies are looking to grab him.

What makes this whole situation very confusing is where Pena comes into the mix. If Theo Epstein and Co. are even looking at acquiring Pena, he'd have to platoon with Nixon (.291 BA and 7 HR in 110 ABs vs. lefties in 2005).

I'm not saying 'no' to this Pena situation. I welcome it, especially if we trade David Wells to Cincinnati (wouldn't that be great? He complains and complains and then we trade him -- to Cincy of all places. He'd be pissed then). But we'd have to clear up this Mohr situation at the same time.

Here is how I want it to be played out: we trade Wells (or Arroyo, if they don't want Mr. Everyone-Likes in Wells) to Cincy for Pena. I'm sure something else would have to be added to that trade to make it work. Then we trade Mohr to whoever, Philly I guess, just to get him off the roster.

Then we open... WAIT!

Breaking news! According to WEEI, Bronson Arroyo has been traded to Cincinnati for Wily Mo Pena.

Well forget everything I just said!