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Papelbon on his A-Game ... El Nino to BAL?

St. Patty's Day means three things: alcohol, food, and those ugly green jerseys that the Red Sox wear every year. But those jerseys didn't do much for the Sox, as they were only able to tie the Florida Marlins even with a early five-run lead.

Jonathan Papelbon easily had his best outing of the spring. He pitched five innings of no run ball, surrendering just one hit, striking out two, and walking three.

Papelbon let up a couple of walks, but for the most part this is the line that I want to see him having in spring training. His strikeouts should raise as he gets more comfortable pitching every day, also.

Kevin Youkilis once again sparked the offense for the Sox. In the 4th inning he took a Josh Johnson pitch deep that brought in three runs. Youkilis started the spring on a cold-streak, but he seems to be in the groove now. We'll need him in this groove if he's going to be starting everyday for us.

Craig Hansen continues to mow-down batters in an effort for a bullpen spot. Hansen only pitched 2/3 of an inning, but those two outs were strikeouts. Hansen has been dominate this spring, and I wouldn't be shocked if he continues this ... forever.

Fans of prospect first baseman Ian Bladergroen should be happy today. Bladergroen, who struggled last season after being traded from the Mets, went 2-for-3 in relief of Youkilis at first base. Bladergroen will hopefully be able to regain his power from two seasons ago.

Here's a picture of those uniforms, if you have somehow never seen them:

Reports around the internet are saying Sox infielder Tony Graffanino could find a new home in Baltimore. The Orioles are looking to dump outfielder Luis Matos, and the trade could probably work one-for-one.

Matos is a good option because A) he's fast, and B) he'd be a nice platooner with Trot Nixon in right field. After Adam Stern finishes his days on the Boston roster, the Sox could go with Dustan Mohr and Matos as backup outfielders. Both are capable of relieving Nixon, and both are versatile to play other outfield positions. Mohr could also pinch-hit, and Matos can pinch-run.