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Johnny Damon's "Thank You"

Many of you have seen, or heard about, Johnny Damon's full-page ad in this morning's Boston Globe.

If you have yet to see it, it's still top-o-the-page at the Boston Dirt Dogs site.

My thoughts on the ad? Allow me to speak directly to the former center fielder:

Screw you Damon.

With all of your talk lately about how great it is to be a Yankee, and how much you enjoyed discussing "The Yankee Way" with George Steinbrenner, I'm surprised you found time for the full-page spread in this morning's paper. Do you really think this will stop anyone from booing your ass when the Yankees come to town?

Honestly, you're sounding less and less like the kid picked last in kickball, and more like the hot girl who just figured out she shoulden't have dumped her boyfriend. Insulting our intelligence with your "I got shafted by my team" ruse and then rushing to appease us with propaganda is laughable. I'm not buying your act Johnny, not anymore. Sell that "Yankee Legacy" garbage on the NY fans, but not to me.

We don't need any newspaper pictures of you in a Sox uniform. We don't need awkward "Thank You's" and crocodile tears. You're a Yankee now, remember?

Believe it or not, Mr. Damon, the world will continue to turn, Fenway will still be packed every night, and we'll all still bleed Red Sox. It'll just be JD negative from now on.

#18??? Sorry Johnny, that's still Carlos Quintana to me.