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Here's an Idea: Sammy Sosa

After finishing the book The Numbers Game by Baseball America's Alan Schwarz, I had a weird urge to sit in front of my computer looking at Red Sox statistics. I did, and I think I may be admitted to the hospital by the end of this article.

First, the basic information we all know: Trot Nixon struggles against left-handed pitchers. That's been the way ever since coming up through the Boston organization. So what have the Sox done? They've platooned another player--one more likely to hit lefties--with him for the most part.

Recently the Red Sox signed outfielder Dustan Mohr, the potential platooner with Nixon. Gabe Kapler was also recently resigned, but probably won't be available until May.

So who's going to platoon with Nixon? First, look at these stats:

I purposely left the names off the list. The first set of numbers is Mohr. Not too impressive, I believe. The second is Kapler. He has pretty good numbers, but doesn't draw walks which is evident due to his .029 BA/OBP difference. The last?

The last set of numbers is none other than "Slammin'" Sammy Sosa. Not too shabby, huh?

Before I get a million comments before one o'clock, let me say the following. If Sosa would settle for a $2-$5 million dollar contract, then this just may work. His attitude? Yeah, yeah. It's not the best. His defense? Yeah, yeah. It's not the best. But maybe this could work.

First, Sosa wouldn't see too much time in right field because he'd be a platooner, so his PT would obviously be cut. Second, his attitude may improve because he's on a team with two Dominican Dandies in David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez. Think that would chear him up? I think so. May even chear Manny up to the point of staying in Boston.

Think about it, Red Sox Nation. Think this could work? If Sosa stayed on track and hit his .290+ and got on-base around the .400 mark, he could really be a good fit for Boston. And if you want to say he had a bad year in '05, just look at those splits. He still hit .288 with a .370 OBP in 105 at-bats against lefties.

Alright. Lay into me readers of OTM. I'm ready.