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American League East Roundtable: Part II

The second part of the AL East Roundtable is up over at Pinstripe Alley. It's a good little convo. I lay into those Yankees a little bit. No mercy coming from Red Sox Nation.

Other than that, not much news around Red Sox Nation. Mark Loretta and J.T. Snow are the notable arrivees. They had some quotes floating around the Globe's website, but I can't seem to find them now, despite having a hard copy in my folder. If I find that, I'll like it.

The Globe continues to put new spring training pictures up everyday. Here's a good one:

Dustin Pedroia and his determination. Awesome. Notice the upside down glasses. He's so focused he ignored to put his glasses on his hat properly.

Oh, finally, George Steinbrenner predicts a Yankee World Series victory. The norm, I guess.