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American League East Roundtable: Part I

All the writers from SportsBlogs Nation will be getting together to do roundtables in the near future. The AL East, fortunately, was the first on the list, so we've done ours.

Scott from Camden Chat has part one up. Every writer comments on every team. This is just about the O's, but you should check it out how other people think about our "Foes The O's."

There is some really good discussion that goes on, so definitely check it out. And here's a little teaser: I talk good about Corey Patterson.


Manny Ramirez is not reporting to spring training until March 1st.

I don't know what to think of Ramirez. Apparently now he won't be playing in the World Baseball Classic, either.

Papi on trying to get in touch with Manny:

"I have no idea what's going on with him. He doesn't pick up the phone. I've got more chances to reach you than him, and I don't have your phone number."


I love all the talk about the young guys in spring training. Here's a good one:
Lester threw to Jason Varitek yesterday for the first time and demonstrated poise. Varitek, to begin the session, set up on the outside corner of the plate, and as he did, he asked Lester, "Where do you want me?" Lester nodded, indicating that Varitek's positioning was fine. The 22-year-old then unleashed a fastball that hit Varitek square in the mitt. Schilling on Lester: "He's beyond his years as far as polish goes."