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Community Projections: Keith Foulke

There's a story up the Red Sox home page about Keith Foulke. It's worth checking out.

Foulkie discusses his problems last year, makes mention of tough personal times, and looks forward to a comeback this year.

I, for one, am still a big Foulke fan. I really believe that he's going to be strong for us this season. We all saw what happened last year with his confidence, making his words today even more important. If he's right upstairs, I'm confident he'll be fine.

So, where does that leave us?

Oh yes....Community Projection Time!

Submit your estimations in the form of comments, for the following catagories:

Innings Pitched

I'll start.

6-3, 2.45, 40 saves, 84 IP, 1.08

Oh, and don't forget. The pictures link below (Under "Things that Make you Smile") will take you to the updated site for spring training pictures. Some good ones today!