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John Sickels' Top 20 Boston Red Sox

Here is the list I've been waiting all off-season to see. It's John Sickels' Top 20 Boston Red Sox list.

It's a good list, and a lot different than you'll see across the web. He ranks youngsters Clay Buchholz and Michael Bowden very high, but he has a "gut" instinct about them.

Yahmed Yema is placed at 15; really high I think. John likes him a lot, though, a sleeper candidate. We'll see how he hits this season after an off-season in the Red Sox organization.

Overall, 11 prospects that are B- or better. Pretty good, in my opinion.

Yes. Finally a website devoted to THE Lenny DiNardo. Check out. I'll be checking it out every single day. DiNardo is the man.

Curt Schilling also wants Jonathan Papelbon in the rotation:

"I think what I said was, I think he's a guy you benefit a lot more from getting 200 innings from than 60," Schilling said when asked about lobbying for Papelbon earlier this winter.

"Makeup-wise, he's not far from being a consistent winner in the big leagues. He's got to pitch. He's got to get innings.

"I'm obviously lobbying for the guy to be a starter. As much as you guys like to think I'm the assistant GM, I'm not. I pounded Theo [Epstein] about it yesterday. He rolled his eyes like he usually does and moved on. As long as he stays healthy, he's one of those guys who's going to do a lot of good things. I think having him in the rotation makes us a better team."

Keep poundin' him, Schill'.