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No Sox News, but There is News

Since there has been no Red Sox news since Dave Wallace being hospitalized last week, I'm going to share with everyone with my other hobby and passion: snowmobiling.

The 2007 Yamaha snowmobiles were revealed last night. They've been sending shock waves throughout the snowmobile industry for the past few years, and they sent another one last night with this beauty of a sled:


2007 Phazer FX

It's like they took the Yamaha Banshee four-wheeler and stuck a track on it. It's quite a sight to look at. Some I'm sure think it's ugly, but I like it. It's the lightest four-stroke snowmobile ever, also.

OK. I've probably bored you after this, but I felt like mentioning it. If you do appreciate snowmobiling, then I'm sure we could probably get at least a mild conversation going on about it.