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MLB News & Notes

  • Red Sox pitching coach Dave Wallace will miss all of spring training due to a hip infection. Former Sox pitching coach Al Nipper will take over the duties for Wallace until he's healthy enough to return.
  • Gary Gillette has an article covering some of the top rookies going into the 2006 season. Pitchers Jonathan Papelbon and Craig Hansen are listed, while Andy Marte, formerly of the Red Sox, is also listed.

    In his extended version, he included Jon Lester and Dustin Pedroia, also.

  • Poor Alfonso Soriano. He lost his arbitration case. But wait! He still made a record-breaking $10 million for losing. Poor guy.
  • If the Red Sox score less than their typical 45 million runs this season, I'm going to be a little peeved because we're losing the push.

    Construction going on near Fenway may result less home runs, according to a wind study performed recently.

    We had a wind study done by an independent consultant," said John Giangregorio of D'Agostino, Izzo and Quirk, chief architects of the ongoing renovations at the park. "I think you'll find that there might be slightly fewer balls that are going to find their way those last few feet over the fence or over the Green Monster. I think somebody like Ortiz is not going to like that."
  • Bengie Molina isn't happy about how his former team treated him. He should just be happy that's he's actually got a contract, considering even guys like Mark Bellhorn signed months ago.