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JD Drew's Fielding

There's been a lot of talk in the news about Drew's fielding, and a lack of hustle/grit/effort in that part of his game. When we think about Drew's fielding, I want you to remember one name: Jim Edmonds.

Jim Edmonds has always had a great defensive reputation. However, as more analysts became suspicious of him always making the web-gem type plays, it seemed apparent that he was actually taking somewhat poor routes to the ball and/or getting bad first steps. It has been guessed that Edmonds took these routes on purpose in order to make the highlight reels.

Whether this is true or not, let's understand that JD Drew gets to almost all the balls in the outfield, and if he positions himself well enough/runs well enough/takes good enough routes to where he doesn't need to dive/jump for the ball...I'm fine with that. I think we all should be.