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Old Friend(s).

This is not particularly good news. I'm sure we're pretty split on whether or not we liked Keith Foulke, but I think we can all mostly agree that he would've made our bullpen corps stronger for next season. Congratulations to the Indians, who seem just about set to pick up a guy who's entirely qualified and due for a rebound year. Fantastic backup, or dare I say primary option at closer next season for the Tribe.

In hilarious news, the Angels believe that this: .277/.313/.451 (BA/OBP/SLG) will be able to replace this: .310/.362/.525 next season. First, my condolences to Angels fans on two seperate counts. Juan Rivera had a career year, but one not so ridiculous as to be impossible to replicate. This is a youngish player on the rise, not to mention the fact that he's a former Yankee farmhand who went on to success in another organization.

Second point is this. Juan Rivera is an OF. Shea Hillenbrand is a corner IF sort of. Does Stoneman know something that I don't? The Angels promised their fans a big splash in the 2006/2007 offseason. They've got time, but I'm not going to count Shea or this guy as such a splash. Either way, I'm sure Cuban prospect Kendry Morales could hit better than Hillenbrand while playing just as atrocious defense at third and first. Angels fans should be and are pissed. (Link from Halos Heaven, possibly NSFW). They say it better than I can, but I'll try. Dallas McPherson + Kendry Morales + Casey Kotchman + a dash of Chone Figgins > subtracting any of the first three for Hillenbrand. It's that simple. The Angels should certainly consult the oracle before making any more "improvements" this offseason.

I'm starting to feel like no news is bad news as far as J.D. Drew is concerned. The good part is that it means Wily Mo or Coco aren't going anywhere in exchange for a closer. The bad part is that it means Wily Mo or Coco aren't going anywhere in exchange for a closer.

On a side note, I'm obviously back from vacation, looking forward to the new year, and to more Red Sox news to come. Thanks to Randy for running this place and to all of you for reading.