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Baseball Beyond Boston (Major League news)

>> Yanks exploring Randy Johnson trade.
Johnson wants to go to a team closer to his Phoenix home. The Arizona Diamondbacks have shown interest, as have the San Diego Padres. If Johnson is traded, how do you think Yankee fans feel? Johnson was supposed to be their "savior." Their player who put them over the top. But, instead, Johnson gave them a 5.01 ERA in 2006 while earning almost $16 million. A bust? You can decide.

>> Damon commissioner of video game league.
I'm not sure what to think about this. I love video games but this whole 'league' seems kind of thrown together and a last minute sort of thing. I guess we'll need to see how things play out over the next couple of weeks.

>> McCarthy deal may mean Zito a Met.
The Rangers aren't too sure that Zito actually wants to become a Ranger. I'm sure they have the money to shell out but the team certainly isn't as attractive as those Mets. He could be in a rotation with names like Kevin Millwood and John Koronka or he could be in a rotation with names like Pedro Martinez and Tom Glavine. Pedro's name alone should carry the Mets' rotation.

>> Lopez excites Rockies.
His tenure wasn't long but Javy Lopez was a Boston Red Sox. He's still a free agent but the Colorado Rockies are showing interest in bringing him in. He certainly isn't any Dougie. Dougie's going deep.