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Red Sox mL Signings.


For the record, most of us probably already knew about Alberto Castillo and maybe Joe "Not Joltin Crap" McEwing.

Travis Hughes may have a shot at a bullpen slot. The aforementioned Castillo could wrest the backup catcher job from Mirabelli. McEwing = Organizational depth and scrappylicious.

Jeff Bailey and Luis Jimenez are re-signings, so to speak. Ed Rogers is a prolific hitter (.207 lifetime BA folks!). Kerry Robinson has been given his walking papers by such organizations as the Kansas City Royals and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Aside from position, I'm not sure the differences between he and Scales are worth noting.

All with NRIs. Like I said, Hughes and Castillo are the only ones not absolutely ticketed for Pawtucket.