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2006 Off-Season: The Closer

There aren't many things assured for the 2007 season for the Boston Red Sox. One thing, however, is the fact Jonathan Papelbon is no longer the team's closer. He'll be slotted in the rotation, leaving a gap in the bullpen: the closer.

Here are the options, in no particular order:

Eric Gagne
Gagne, a former Cy Young, has come down with the injury bug. If he's healthy, he could be dominate. But if the Sox invest a lot of money into a busted closer, we could be left in an even bigger hole.

Craig Hansen
Hansen has struggled in his short time in Boston, but their is so much talent and future lying in front of him. If he can figure it out under a new pitching coach, he could be our answer from within.

Manny Delcarmen
Delcarmen has had more success than Hansen in his pro career, but all experts say he doesn't have the "stuff" that Hansen possesses. Not every closer has jaw-dropping stuff, though.

Danys Baez
Baez has had some good career success, but wasn't as effective last year. Personally, I don't think he could handle the pressure of Boston. Why waste money on a guy that would probably just crack -- ala Keith Foulke?

What should the Sox do?