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Sox sign Okajima

Red Sox make a move to the 'pen:

Although primarily used as a set-up man, Okajima did save 25 games for the Giants in 2001. That year he appeared in 58 games, striking out 70 in 62 innings of work. The year before, he struck out 102 in 72.1 innings.

Though not said to be a hard thrower, the word is that Okakjima has a devastating curveball.

Meanwhile, CEO Larry Lucchino is expected back in Boston shortly after meeting with the leaders of the Seibu Lions. One of the purposes of Lucchino's trip was to forge a long-term relationship with the Lions. That relationship will undoubtedly be regarded as healthy if the two teams can convince Matsuzaka and his agent, Scott Boras, to strike a deal with the Sox.

The initial offer was believed to be for $7 million to $8 million a year, about half of what Matsuzaka is seeking. Lucchino spoke of the Sox making a ``fair" and ``comprehensive" offer at a Tokyo press conference.

Good news here.