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I'm excited

And why shouldn't I be? From everything I've heard and read Daisuke Matsuzaka is the real deal; with a vast array of pitches he can throw for strikes. Besides, it's not $51.1 million of my own dollars. It doesn't count towards the luxury tax number. And it keeps him from donning pinstripes for at least a few years.

There's only one thing keeping me from running the streets naked in celebration. Okay, two things. The first being, he's not actually signed to a contract yet. The second, which I hope is not considered racist at all, is Byun-Hung Kim.

I was stoked when Hillenbrand was swapped for Kim back in diggity-three. I thought he was a good young pitcher who would grow and learn from the struggles he endured in the 2001 World Series. But then he lost his velocity. He gave me the finger. And he was gone.

I hope this is different. I hope Matsuzaka has Ichiro-like impact in Boston. I'd love to see fans waving Japanese and Dominican flags in the stands. I hope he fits like a glove in the clubhouse and is quickly woven into the fabric of the community. I hope he wins 15 games every year--with an ERA under 3.00. I hope he strikes out 200. And can even lay down a couple bunts to advance a runner or two in the World Series.

I just hope he's not Kaz Ishii.