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Shaping up the Off-Season

If you are a Sox fan, be happy.

The Sox have won the bidding on right-hander Daisuke Matsuzaka and, without a doubt, will lock him up to a contract. Did the Red Sox overspend? We don't know. Does it matter? No, because the Boston front office is on a mission and they're going to get talent for their buck.

This whole situation could be Jose Contreras backlash. We all know the story: Theo Epstein went to Cuba to try and snatch up the talent. However, he signed with George Steinbrenner and the Yankees, putting a damper on Theo's plans.

Not this time, Georgy boy.

The Sox are dishing out money and, for once, I'm approving of it. Maybe it's because of the horrible 2006 season we witnessed, but if we've got the money, then let's spend it -- wisely.

Of course, I say wisely, but hindsight is 20/20. I thought we were wise this past off-season, but we obviously didn't benefit from anything. We grabbed some good talent that worked out (Mark Loretta, Alex Gonzalez) and some that didn't (Rudy Seanez).

Matsuzaka aside, the Sox will spend even more money. The Red Sox will fill their holes and then some. Seven starting pitchers? That'll work for them in 2007, that's for sure. Any hole we have now will be filled come April.