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Red Sox Reading

Here's some Red Sox reading for everyone:

  • Gordon Edes of The Boston Globe has a nice, in-depth article on the new starting second baseman in Boston, Mark Loretta. The article talks about his success and struggles in San Diego, his injury-prone past, and what's in his future. It also mentions Loretta is a horologist -- someone who makes or repairs watches. Interesting.
  • Allan Wood from Joy of Sox breaks down numbers between Manny Ramirez and Miguel Tejada. Some people believe that Tejada is the only player that could, or should, be coming back if Ramirez is traded. Wood tells a different story and that they really aren't equal, and has the extremely lopsided stats to prove it.
  • Tim from Bullshit Memorial Stadium has named the Milwaukee Brewers his 2006 National League team. I should make myself a 2006 National League team. The frontrunner? The San Diego Padres.
  • Red from Surviving Grady expresses sentiments that I think all of us agree with.
  • OK, it's not Red Sox-related, but 'tis the season for the Patriots and there is a new SportsBlogs Nation site called Pats Pulpit. Check it out to support the local teams.
  • Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald explains the patience the Red Sox are having with dealing with the team. They may even be patient enough to go into the season with those same holes. Hopefully we aren't that unlucky, though.