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There Is No News

Where has all the baseball gone?

We need some action in Red Sox Nation. The biggest news that may even be news is signing J.T. Snow to a contract to become the backup first baseman. To me, that's really not that big of news.

Sure, there are Manny Ramirez rumors flying left and right, but nothing is imminent at this point. It's all just swirling around and, frankly, my head is starting to hurt after re-hearing everything on a daily basis. The rumors are getting to my brain.

The Sox just need to pull the trigger. Sit Manny down, tell him to shut up and listen. Tell him that this is his last option. If he wants to be traded, then he's going to be playing left field in Baltimore on opening day. That's his only way out.

We've dragged on the idea of trading Manny on for too long. I feel we still need to trade him, but it has to happen soon. It's taking the focus away from other important problems like centerfield and whoever's batting leadoff.

Since there is no news, let me direct you to some SportsBlogs Nation reading:

  • John Sickels has had community projections going for the 2006 playoffs at Minor League Ball. They're all the way at the World Series now in the projections: Indians versus Cardinals. The Cards are winning by %19, so go vote.
  • Also at is a poll that grades Sox pitcher Jonathan Papelbon. Go cast your vote for one of our finest.
  • Jeff at Lookout Landing talks about trading Jeremy Reed and possibly getting Jon Lester or Jonathan Papelbon in return. He speaks about each player on a few different levels, even looking at them down the line.
  • Marc Normandin from Beyond The Boxscore has been analyzing signings all off-season. If you haven't been checking them out, then you should. They are great to read.
  • Gotta' laugh at the ANtics.

That's all I've got. There's no news anywhere -- seriously.