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Padres sign Piazza, Mirabelli on Back Burner?

The San Diego Padres will announce the signing of catcher Mike Piazza on Monday, a reported $2 million, one-year contract with an option for 2007.

Where does this put Doug Mirabelli, whom the Sox traded away to San Diego earlier in the off-season? Mirabelli was slated to be San Diego's starting catcher, but the Pads told Piazza "he could pretty much catch as much as he wanted to." Piazza wants to catch between 90-100 games for them this season.

Mirabelli has received the big shaft. He went from a year-in, year-out winner with the Red Sox, to a starting job for an up and coming team. But now Piazza has been signed on, and 'Belli is on the back burner.

I feel bad for the guy. He deserves a starting job, and now he's losing it to a guy who signed a deal because of the prestige of his name. Does that seem right? Mirabelli would probably out-produce Piazza, too, but seemingly won't get that chance now.