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Official: Coco Crisp, Dave Riske, and Josh Bard Come to Boston

Update [2006-1-28 12:15:1 by Randy Booth]: Felt like updating this post with a quote at the bottom from avid OTM reader forage.

The deal is done. Finally.

Boston Receives:
CF Coco Crisp
RP David Riske
C Josh Bard

Cleveland Receives:
3B Andy Marte
RP Guillermo Mota
C Kelly Shoppach

And that's how the ship sails. Your thoughts?
Forage on October 19th, 2005 in "Your Dream Acquisition" diary.

"coco crisp

currently playing left for the indians, but has the range to play center. ideal replacement for damon. he bats leadoff, has a great on base percentage, is younger, and practically carried the indians through august, just shy of the playoffs."