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More Coco For You?

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The Coco Crisp to Boston trade is on the verge of being completed after the Indians and Phillies agreed on a trade bringing Jason Michaels to Cleveland's outfield.

Apparently Guillermo Mota didn't technically fail his physical, but the Indians still want more in return if they take on Mota. Someone like, say, Manny Delcarmen.

Boy. I can't say this enough: we're already getting ripped off by this trade! Andy Marte is arguable more valuable than Crisp. Mota is no better than David Riske. And Kelly Shoppach is a better player and has a better future than Josh Bard. Now Delcarmen is added to the pot? This would be ridiculous if that's how the trade goes down.

In other trade news, the Padres and Red Sox are still talking, and the latest trade on the table is Dave Roberts and Woody Williams for David Wells.

The Sox have balked from the get-go when it comes to trading for the 39-year-old starting pitcher. There is nothing special about his career 4.12 earned run average, or his scary contract that could unleash incentives that he really doesn't deserve. Maybe the Sox will break on Williams, but hopefully they'll have the will-power to be say 'no' to another aging pitcher.