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Oops: Guillermo Mota Fails Physical

Guillermo Mota, who is scheduled to go to Cleveland with 3B Andy Marte in exchange for CF Coco Crisp (and whoever else. We really don't know!), failed his physical that may have made the deal official.

According to the ESPN story, the trade would have also included C Kelly Shoppach going to Cleveland, and RP David Riske and C Josh Bard coming back in return. So maybe this is the official trade that will (or might) go down.

Chris Snow talks about Mota failing the physical also:

Today's Cleveland Plain Dealer, citing a major league source, is reporting that the Rhodes-for-Michaels deal is poised to go through. That would leave Mota's shoulder as the lone factor holding up the two deals.

Mota missed the last week of April and almost all of May last season with elbow inflammation and was shut down for two weeks in September with inflammation in his shoulder. But Katz said Mota's arm ''was good enough for Florida, good enough for Boston, and good enough for James Andrews, who cleared him."

By that, Katz meant that Florida allowed the 32-year-old Mota to resume pitching the last week of the season, the Sox accepted him in a deal, and Andrews, the noted orthopedist, cleared him following an examination (which Katz said took place before Mota was dealt to the Sox).

This doesn't look good at all.