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Coco Crisp Trade 99% Official

According to Chris Snow, the Red Sox have agreed to the Coco Crisp trade.

Here's how it breaks down: the Sox will send 3B Andy Marte, RP Guillermo Mota and Kelly Shoppach to CLE for Crisp, RP David Riske, and C Josh Bard.

I like gaining Riske. I think he's an upgrade over Mota, especially since the word is Mota has a bad attitude. Riske has always been a strikeout pitcher until 2005, where his K's mysteriously dropped. But his WHIP was an impressive 0.96. He's been solid his whole career, and I'm excited to see him in Fenway.

Bard, on the other hand, really isn't an upgrade from Shoppach. Actually, he's probably a downgrade. He has more professional games under his belt, but he's older and really hasn't shown any signs of the ability to hit at the major league level.

The trade is basically even, because we're adding one of the best young outfielders in the game and an extremely reliable relief pitcher, while losing one of the top prospects in the game.