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Coco Crisp Deal May Happen Today

There are stories left and right about a trade near completion that will land Coco Crisp in center field for the Boston Red Sox.

The deal has been agreed in "principle," but we still do not know all of the facets of the trade. The man idea: Crisp to Boston for 3B Andy Marte and RP Guillermo Mota. But, word is, there will be more added to this trade, as in the Sox getting prospects back from the Indians.

Anyone else think, at the core trade, we're getting robbed? Marte is arguably more valuable than Crisp by himself, let alone throwing in Mota who's been a very solid relief pitcher over the years.

With Crisp, we do add a center fielder and a leadoff hitter. That fills two of our holes. Crisp isn't as good defensively as, say, Jeremy Reed, but he isn't awful either. We'll see how he can cover Fenway territory. The territory that's been covered by Johnny Damon for the last four seasons.

Everyone's thoughts?