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Jed Hoyer Fills the Nation in

Jed Hoyer spoke today on a few subjects regarding the Red Sox. He's shed some light on a few things, including Manny Ramirez, the center field situation and what' going to happen at shortstop:

On Manny:

"I think Manny knows that we have made a good faith effort to meet his ... request," co-general manager Jed Hoyer said Thursday night before the annual dinner hosted by the Boston chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America.

"We haven't found a deal that works for us. I know that he is happy that we've talked to teams and shown a good-faith effort to trade him."

On our starting center fielder in 2006:

Hoyer also said the team will bring in a center fielder from outside the organization to replace Johnny Damon, who signed with the New York Yankees.

"We're making a lot of phone calls and we're working towards it," he said. "We have a list of guys we're going after and we're going after them hard and I think we're very confident we'll have a very good center fielder in 2006."

On the shortstop and leadoff situation:

The team is prepared to go with Alex Cora at shortstop, and prospect Dustin Pedroia backing him up, if necessary.

"The season doesn't start for quite a while, and I think there's a lot of teams with openings right now and there's a lot of talk right now," Hoyer said. "The fans want a good leadoff hitter and a good center fielder. I think that's what we're trying to give them. We're not just trying to fill holes as quickly as possible to talk them off the bridge."