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More Info on our New Relief Man

The Boston Globe has a little article about Julian Tavarez and a few other tidbits. Here's the paragraph that really tells us a lot:

Tavárez is expected to join two other newcomers, Rudy Seánez and Guillermo Mota, as the Sox stockpile their bullpen with setup men, partly as a hedge in case Keith Foulke does not regain his former effectiveness and Mike Timlin has to be used as closer again. Manager Terry Francona said yesterday that he expects rookies Craig Hansen and Manny Delcarmen to begin the season in Triple A Pawtucket. The Sox turned to Tavárez after attempts to deal David Wells to the Dodgers for setup man Yhency Brazoban fell through.

The two things to note in this paragraph:

  • Francona expects Hansen and Delcarmen to start the year in Pawtucket. So that should put to rest the thought of Hansen being in the bullpen from the get-go.
  • A trade sending Wells to the Dodgers for 25-year old relief pitcher Yhency Brazoban fell through. My thought is that Brazoban would have been packaged to Tampa Bay for Julio Lugo. He doesn't have rookie or prospect status anymore, but he's young and I'm sure Tampa Bay would enjoy having him.

Maybe I'm off on the Brazoban theory, but I'm not sure what the Sox would want with him. He's younger, maybe has better stuff (I'm not sure of Brazoban's 'stuff.' But I'm sure he doesn't have a 95-MPH sinker), and is cheaper. But is he proven like Tavarez? Not yet. I think having Tavarez, a proven relief pitcher, is key to a succesful bullpen. Especially if everyone else fails.

However, I stand by my statement:

Alex Cora will be the 2006 starting shortstop for the Boston Red Sox.