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Will Carroll: The Year of Living Chemically

Will Carroll, author of The Juice Blog at The Baseball Toaster and the highly-accalaimed book "The Juice: The Real Story of Baseball's Drug Problems", has a new project on his hands.

The blog is entitled "The Year of Living Chemically." His goal is to "spend a year using the most advanced legal technology to bring my weight down, my strength up, my cardio to a solid level, and most importantly, prove that steroids aren't needed to make the type of gains that we've all secretly wondered about."

I'll take the next year of my life as a quest to do what I should have been doing all along - staying in shape - and also conducting a bit of an experiment. I'll use what I've learned in researching steroids and supplements for good, not evil. I'll have goals, talk to professionals, chemists, trainers, doctors, gurus, wackos, and whoever else could help this process along.

And I'll write about it.

I'll have goals for fat loss, weight, strength, power, cardiac endurance, and muscle building. I'll guarantee that I won't be a major league caliber ball player at the end of this, but I do think we'll have a much better idea on what a world-class athlete with resources far beyond mine could do. I'll be calling in favors, looking for suggestions, and in the end, I'll succeed.

That's right - I'll guarantee success.

How can I do that? I have a year. One year, starting on February 1 and not a day more. Who knows what I'll do if I get desperate? It should be an interesting ride.

Good luck, Will. I'll be following you along your wild ride.