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Red Sox Links

It's time to throw some links at you here on Sunday morning.

  • Royal Rooters of Red Sox Nation has yet another interview with a Red Sox minor leaguer. Their latest is with young starter Andrew Dobies. Dobies has had a pretty good season statistically for both Greenville and Wilmington.

    Royal Rooters also has a good interview with Manny Delcarmen, who I believe will be a real fixture in the bullpen next season.

  • Bullshit Memorial Stadium put together a nice little list of players that may be hall of famers that are still playing in the majors today. For the Red Sox? Curt Schilling and Manny Ramirez. I agree with that, can't you?
  • Gary at Fire Brand of the AL has a similar article to the one I posted the other day about Bronson Arroyo. Time to step up, Arroyo.
  • Give it up for Surviving Grady for posting a hilarious conversation between father and son about Curt Schilling. I'm sure that conversation has been duplicated more than once this season.
  • And check out all the other Sox blogs (and general baseball) that I have on the right hand side. They are all really good; trust me.